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8M Blend 2020

USD 18per Bottle

Alba en los Andes – 8M Blend 2020
80% Cabernet Franc y 20% Malbec
A wine that progresses from the bottle to the glass.
A harmonious blend with great structure and balanced acidity,
featuring the aromatic intensity of Cabernet Franc and
the smoothness of Malbec.

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Additional information

Varietal composition

80% Cabernet Franc and 20% Malbec


Tupungato (Uco Valley, Mendoza)


A vineyard of more than 25 years located at 1,100 meters above sea level. Its orientation is West-East, which provides a rapid natural runoff of water from rain and snowmelt. The driving system used is the high trellis system.

Soil Composition

Of alluvial origin, poor and sandy-loamy texture, with important presence of stone and calcium carbonate. These soils are defined as "calcareous" and convey great elegance and complexity to wines.


Manual, in small plastic boxes of 12 kg


Made by micro vinification in small vessels of 500 liters volume, with extraction work carried out by hand. Maturation in French oak barrels from 12 to 18 months, where malolactic fermentation takes place.

Tasting notes

Intense, harmonious, expressive. Intense maroon red color. In aroma it presents notes of black fruits and smoked paprika, accompanied by subtle notes of spices and chocolate, coming from its maturation in barrels. On the palate it is a wine with great structure and balanced acidity. Pair with roasted game meats, mature cheeses.

Analytical data

Alcohol: 14.0% • Total acidity: 5.78g/l • pH: 3.65 • Sugar: 1.80g/l

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